Stay on top of database threats with Microsoft Defender for Azure Cosmos DB

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Written by Inbal Argov, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Defender for Cloud


Databases are constantly evolving to handle new use cases, incorporate more intelligence, and store more data, giving developers and organizations a wide range of database types to meet their varying needs. Because aspects including architecture, capabilities, configuration options, and authentication methods are unique to each database type, so are the security threats—requiring custom security measures and protection capabilities to address the most common threats across databases.


Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database for modern, fast, and flexible app development, offering single-digit millisecond response times, automatic and instant scalability, and multiple SDKs and APIs to support a variety of non-relational data models.


Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to our database protection offering Microsoft Defender for Azure Cosmos DB in preview.


The new cloud workload protection capabilities are designed as an Azure-native layer of security, that detect attempts to exploit databases in your Azure Cosmos DB accounts based on the most common attack techniques and known bad actors—enabling security teams to detect and respond to these threats more effectively, using the Microsoft Defender for Cloud toolset.


These detections are delivered based on Microsoft Threat Intelligence, the Microsoft Defender SQL query analysis engine, and Microsoft Defender behavioral models.


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