Start skilling on Azure with these helpful guides


Written by Lanna Teh, Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing


We are excited to introduce Azure Skills Navigator, a new learning resource designed especially for those that are new to Azure and want to learn more. Azure Skills Navigator is our very own ramp-up guide intended to help you develop a strong foundation on cloud technologies as you begin to explore Azure.


These downloadable Azure Skills Navigator guides offer a variety of resources to help build your skills and knowledge of Azure. Each guide features carefully selected digital training, learning courses, videos, documents, certifications, and more. We understand how important it is in today’s market to stay ahead of the tech curve. There is a high demand for professionals skilled in cloud technologies. Azure Skills Navigator guides ensure that you have a solid foundation as you begin exploring Azure. We have hand-picked a selection of resources that will help you develop a strong foundation of Microsoft Azure, allowing you to build and explore today. After you’ve mastered the content, we will help you navigate our intermediate and advanced level content.


We have guides tailored for a number of roles—System Administrators, Solution Architects, Developers, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists. Given the high demand for these guides, we will be launching more for a number of new roles in the coming months. These role-based guides map out your itinerary for deepening your knowledge of Azure, helping you build a strong foundation for cloud computing in a way that is tailored and personalized for you. You can travel at your own pace, and then continue your Azure exploration with ongoing learning resources ranging from blog updates, videos, and events to connect with technical communities. These guides are just the beginning; Microsoft Learn will be your trusted partner as you progress through your learning journey. There are numerous options for continuing your training and certification beyond these guides as well.


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