Spotlight your Azure and security capabilities with these new advanced specializations


Written by Dan Truax, General Manager, Partner Digital Experiences and Programs


Last year, the widespread shift to remote work triggered a landslide of digital innovation for organizations across the planet. Partners responded rapidly to create innovative solutions and services to arm customers with the tools and guidance they needed to navigate that shift, making a meaningful difference for hundreds of companies.


Now, many organizations are planning for a future that involves a hybrid workplace, where employees split their time between the office and remote work. To facilitate that transition, organizations are leaning into the cloud for the flexibility and scalability they need. Customers will continue to rely on partners to help them with their digital transformation journey to ensure they incorporate the right solutions and approaches to stay competitive in an ever-changing business landscape. This could include advice and services related to migrating to Microsoft Azure and optimizing how they adopt cloud-based technology, protecting their hybrid data hosted in on-premises or in multi-clouds, and safeguarding their servers and networks.


Customers need to be able to easily identify the right partner with capabilities that will meet their specific needs. For services partners, achieving an advanced specialization is a powerful way to validate, differentiate and showcase your organization’s technical capabilities and experience. I’m excited to share new advanced specializations that can help you stand out in the marketplace and grow your organization as a result.


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