Sharing the latest improvements to efficiency in Microsoft’s datacenters


Written by Noelle Walsh, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Operations + Innovation


In April, I published a blog that explained how we define and measure energy and water use at our datacenters, and how we are committed to continuous improvements.


Now, in the lead up to COP27, the global climate conference to be held in Egypt, I am pleased to provide a number of updates on how we’re progressing in making our datacenters more efficient across areas such as waste, renewables, and ecosystems. You can also visit Azure Sustainability—Sustainable Technologies | Microsoft Azure to explore this further.


Localized fact sheets in 28 regions

To share important information about the impact of our datacenters regionally with our customers, we have published localized fact sheets in 28 regions across the globe. These fact sheets provide a wide range of information and details about many different aspects of our datacenters and their operations.




A review of PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness)




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