Sell with partners through the Microsoft commercial marketplace with multiparty private offers


Multiparty private offers empower any set of partners to come together, create personalized offers with custom payouts, and sell directly to Microsoft customers with simplified selling through the marketplace.  


For SaaS providers or partners selling cloud solutions, this creates a tremendous opportunity to build scalable, repeatable, sale channels. For partners selling cloud services, multiparty private offers can help you differentiate your offerings and access customers with pre-committed cloud budget.


Join our upcoming webinars on September 27 at 8 AM PST (ISV edition) or 9 AM PST (selling partners edition) to learn how to activate multiparty private offers.  


Currently, multiparty private offers are available to customers in the U.S., so the partner selling to the customer must have a U.S. tax profile. Other markets will be added soon—check this page for updates.  


Additional Resources:

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**Multiparty private offers sales are currently limited to US-based customers**

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