Secure your digital payment system in the cloud with Azure Payment HSM—now generally available


Written by May Chen, Senior Product Manager, Azure Core Security Services


We are very excited to announce the general availability of Azure Payment HSM, a BareMetal Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that enables customers to have native access to payment HSM in the Azure cloud. With Azure Payment HSM, customers can seamlessly migrate PCI workloads to Azure and meet the most stringent security, audit compliance, low latency, and high-performance requirements needed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).


Azure Payment HSM service empowers service providers and financial institutions to accelerate their payment system’s digital transformation strategy and adopt the public cloud.


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Service overview

Azure Payment HSM solution is delivered using Thales payShield 10K Payment HSM, which offers single-tenant HSMs and full remote management capabilities. The service is designed to enable total customer control with strict role and data separation between Microsoft and the customer. HSMs are provisioned and connected directly to the customer’s virtual network, and the HSMs are under the customer’s sole administration control. Once allocated, Microsoft’s administrative access is limited to “Operator” mode and full responsibility for configuration and maintenance of the HSM and software falls upon the customer. When the HSM is no longer required and the device is returned to Microsoft, customer data is erased to ensure privacy and security. The solution comes with Thales payShield premium package license and enhanced support Plan, with a direct relationship between the customer and Thales.


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