Secure your APIs with Private Link support for Azure API Management

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Written by Fernando Mejia, Sr. Program Manager, Azure API Management


Azure API Management is a fully managed service that enables customers to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs. With a few clicks in the Azure portal, you can create an API facade that acts as a “front door” through which external and internal applications can access data or business logic implemented by your custom-built backend services, running on Azure, for example on Azure App Service or Azure Kubernetes Service, or hosted outside of Azure, in a private datacenter or on-premises. Azure API Management handles all the tasks involved in mediating API calls, including request authentication and authorization, rate limit and quota enforcement, request and response transformation, logging and tracing, and API version management.


Azure API Management helps you in:


  • Unlocking legacy assets—APIs are used to abstract and modernize legacy backends and make them accessible from new cloud services and modern applications. APIs allow innovation without the risk, cost, and delays of migration.
  • Create API-centric app integration—APIs are easily consumable, standards-based, and self-describing mechanisms for exposing and accessing data, applications, and processes. They simplify and reduce the cost of app integration.
  • Enable multi-channel user experiences—APIs are frequently used to enable user experiences such as web, mobile, wearable, or Internet of Things (IoT applications. Reuse APIs to accelerate development and return on investment (ROI).
  • Business-to-business (B2B) integration—APIs exposed to partners and customers lower the barrier to integrate business processes and exchange data between business entities. APIs eliminate the overhead inherent in point-to-point integration. Especially with self-service discovery and onboarding enabled, APIs are the primary tools for scaling B2B integration.


We are happy to announce the preview of Azure Private Link support for Azure API Management service. If you are not familiar with Azure API Management, when you deploy this service, you get three main components: Azure portal, gateway, and management plane. With Azure Private Link we can create a private endpoint for the gateway component, which will be exposed through a private IP within your virtual network. This will allow inbound traffic coming to the private IP to reach Azure API Management gateway.


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