Scaling cloud solutions to new heights with Microsoft’s partner ecosystem

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Written by Jake Swenson, Vice President, Commercial Marketplace


Companies building cloud solutions (such as independent software vendors (ISVs), SaaS providers, app builders, and more)—have never been more important to the world today.


With the continued acceleration of digital transformation, every organization, small or large, in every industry across the globe, will require cloud infrastructure and services to power their business. As customers’ needs for cloud solutions exponentially increase, so do the opportunities for ISVs to connect with partners and customers across the Microsoft Cloud and the commercial marketplace. To help our ecosystem harness these opportunities, we are announcing:


  • Private offers with margin sharing to motivate 90,000-plus cloud partners: Now generally available, ISVs can use the private offer capability in the commercial marketplace to create and share margins to partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program—creating new sales channels instantly.
  • Increased agility with private offers for customers: With enhancements to private offers in the commercial marketplace, ISVs can now create a unique private offer per customer in less than 15 minutes. This helps ISVs unlock enterprise customers for seven-digit deals and sell directly to customers with a cloud consumption commitment (if the ISV solution is eligible for Azure IP co-sell).

For Microsoft, the commercial marketplace is the connector between ISVs and customers—it’s an engine dedicated to accelerating growth. By selling through the commercial marketplace, ISVs get instant access to global reach: 1 billion people that use Microsoft technology, 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies who use Microsoft Azure, and 270M monthly active users on Microsoft Teams.


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