RoQC and Microsoft simplify cloud migration with Microsoft Energy Data Services


Written by Kadri Umay, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


This post was co-authored by Ian Barron, Chief Technology Officer, RoQC.


The vast amount of data in energy companies slows down their digital transformation. Together with RoQC solutions, Microsoft Energy Data Services will accelerate your journey in democratizing access to data by providing an easy-to-deploy managed service fully supported by Microsoft.


Managing large data sets is complicated, and few industries have larger and more complex data sets than the energy industry. Data complexity and large investments in on-premises storage solutions and multitudes of computer systems prevent the transition to cloud-based sub-surface data management. A single company can have tens of petabytes of structured and unstructured data, which if not quality-assured, can lead to an increase in cost if it goes wrong.


Solutions from RoQC, a Norwegian software company, clean up structured data for energy companies. This makes data management more efficient from a time and cost perspective, and also makes decision-making more reliable.


With Microsoft Energy Data Services, energy companies can leverage new cloud-based data management capabilities provided by RoQC and Microsoft Energy Data Services.


Microsoft Energy Data Services is a data platform fully supported by Microsoft, that enables efficient data management, standardization, liberation, and consumption in energy exploration. The solution is a hyperscale data ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform™ and Microsoft's secure and trustworthy cloud services with our partners’ extensive domain expertise.


"Through machine learning, our software gives energy companies complete control of their data and assets. When the amounts of data are reduced, we eliminate uncertainty and duplication, and optimize the quality of the data sets. Traditionally a petrophysicist might spend a day or two cleaning up the logs for one well before they can be used for detailed analysis—with RoQC LogQA the same petrophysicist can clean hundreds of thousands of logs in the same timeframe. By cooperating with one of the largest platform providers in the world, we gain access to technology, competency, and markets it would be hard for us to get otherwise."—Bjørn Thorsen, CEO of RoQC.

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