Redefining how we deliver the power of Azure to the edge


By Douglas Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Azure Edge + Platform


At Microsoft Inspire 2023, I’m excited to hear from our partners, who are an integral part of our edge offerings and how we deliver value to customers. We live in a globally distributed world that is more connected than at any point in history, and organizations across the planet and across industries want to connect their operations to the cloud, embrace AI, and manage technology at scale with lower cost and less complexity.


One of the greatest challenges our customers face in their digital transformation journeys today is how to deliver cloud-connected experiences reliably across a globally distributed footprint that extends to where they live, work, and make decisions. They look for solutions that are simple, secure, and observable, either in retail brick-and-mortar stores with no technical staff or factories spread across multiple continents, so they can make local, real-time decisions and draw insights from aggregated data. Every industry has a unique set of business and operational needs that rely on a combination of cloud resources, on-premises servers, and datacenters, often from distributed offices and remote sites.


Microsoft Azure is a unified cloud-to-edge platform that enables our customers to span their global footprint, organizational boundaries, and complex operations out in the real world. Our goal is to make it easier for our customers and partners to bring just enough of Azure’s cloud-born capabilities wherever they need them. We deliver these capabilities from the cloud to the customer’s edge through a portfolio of cloud-to-edge services, tools, and infrastructure enabled by Azure Arc. With Azure Arc, customers can connect their on-premises, edge, and multicloud resources to Azure, deploy Azure native services on those resources, and extend Azure services to the edge.


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