Protect your sensitive data against malicious apps

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Protecting sensitive content is a top priority for security and compliance administrators across all organizations. With Microsoft Purview Information Protection, you have the ability to track and regulate user access to content with sensitivity labels. However, with the accelerated adoption of apps and the evolution of our threat landscape, administrators need to ensure that the same protection of the sensitivity content available to users is also available to the apps running in their organization.


We wanted to share more details around the recent feature rollout for insights and remediation for sensitive content identified by Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels in the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps add-on, App governance. Enterprise admins now have visibility into the workloads that these apps access and whether they access sensitive data in these workloads.


With predefined and custom policies, admins are alerted about apps that have attempted to access sensitive data. Moreover, App governance can automatically deactivate noncompliant apps. App governance provides additional app-specific context for allowing or disallowing access to sensitive data. It provides security administrators with more insights into related app activity and the ability to automatically regulate apps.  


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