Protect multi-cloud workloads with new Azure security innovations

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In the last six months, COVID-19 has changed almost everything about the way we approach work and security. Now, you have to meet the needs of a remote workforce, support rapidly evolving business requirements, and steer your organization to the next normal – even without actually knowing what that normal will entail. At the same time, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, as bad actors exploit the opportunity to prey on fears and weaknesses.


On the surface, all of this may seem intimidating. But with this kind of dramatic change also comes the opportunity to evolve. We know that the “new normal” now requires you to address a higher volume of security work than ever, all while remaining agile and reducing costs. How do you do that? By having a razor-sharp focus on what’s important. That’s why Microsoft Azure is here to empower you with cloud-native tools that give you the breadth of coverage you need to defend against bad actors, alongside built-in AI to help you focus your attentions on the biggest threats and most critical priorities.


Today, we're pleased to announce a broad set of innovations to help you protect multicloud and Azure workloads including:


  • New branding experience, additional protections, and CyberX integration for Azure Defender.
  • User and entity behavior analytics and threat intelligence for Azure Sentinel.
  • Multi-cloud security posture management for Azure Security Center.
  • Managed hardware security module for Azure Key Vault.
  • Expanded security control assessments with the Azure Security Benchmark v2.
  • Additional service support for Customer Lockbox for Azure.
  • Double Encryption for data at rest and transit.

Whether you’re protecting Azure or protecting your entire enterprise with Azure security tools, these improvements are built to help simplify and empower you to focus on what’s important.


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