Power your genomic data analysis on Azure with Azure CycleCloud


Written by Manoj Kumar, Healthcare Business Architect, Microsoft Consulting Services


Researchers around the world have access to a greater variety and volume of genomics data than ever before. Genomics is now available to a vast majority of researchers, pushing forward the discovery at a tremendous pace and changing people’s lives. This growth is happening because of the perfect storm between genomic testing and technological improvements. In the span of a few decades, the cost of human genome sequencing has gone from millions of dollars to hundreds of dollars.


At Microsoft, we recognize the challenges faced by the genomics community and are striving to build an ecosystem (backed by open source and Microsoft products and services) that can facilitate genomics computing work for all. We’ve focused our efforts on 3 main core areas: research and discovery in genomics data, building out a platform to enable rapid automation and analysis at scale, and optimized and secure pipelines at a clinical level. One of the core Azure services that has enabled us to leverage an HPC environment to perform the genomic analysis is Azure CycleCloud.


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