Power your file storage-intensive workloads with Azure VMware Solution


Written by Andrew Chen, Principal Group PM Manager


This blog has been co-authored by Ram Kakani, Principal Program Manager, Azure Dedicated


If you’ve been waiting for the right time to optimize your storage-intensive VMware applications in the cloud, I have great news for you: Azure NetApp Files for Network File System (NFS) datastores in Azure VMware Solution is now available in preview.


With Azure VMware Solution you can now scale storage independently from compute using Azure NetApp Files datastores, enabling you to run VMware-based storage-intensive workloads like SQL Server, general-purpose file servers, and others in Azure.


Gain the flexibility and scalability of running your storage-heavy workloads on Azure VMware Solution, while delivering high performance and low latency.


Azure NetApp Files as a datastores choice for Azure VMware Solution

Azure NetApp Files is available in preview as a datastores choice for Azure VMware Solution, and Azure NetApp Files NFS volumes can now be attached to the Azure VMware Solution clusters of your choice.


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