Planning to succeed with the Partner Readiness Assessment


Competing effectively with cloud solutions requires partners to continually increase their capabilities and tune their models to deliver extra value with their services. All partners are encouraged to regularly take the Partner Transformation Readiness Assessment to measure their business and technical proficiencies for delivering modern cloud services.  


As part of the assessment, we help identify gaps in current capabilities, recommend next steps and align our array of technical and business resources with a partner’s specific goals. It helps partners establish a benchmark for their current cloud capabilities and understand where to focus efforts for training and certification. We have further organized those enablement resources for relevance with a partner’s cloud maturity level across the Microsoft cloud. 


partner readiness assessment.png


The assessment takes partners through a series of questions about business capabilities (cloud strategy, sales and marketing, business model) and technical capabilities (cloud services, Microsoft cloud solution area focus, and cloud tooling). 


The score calculation is weighted to 60% technical and 40% business capability, and each answer option is assigned a score to assess cloud maturity. 


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