Perform at-scale, agentless SQL Server discovery and assessment with Azure Migrate


Written by Abhishek A. Hemrajani, Principal PM Manager, Azure Compute


Moving on-premises infrastructure, databases, and applications to Azure is key to the success of your cloud migration and modernization journey, and we are committed to simplifying that process. With each major milestone, we set out to make these primary migration scenarios as seamless as possible. Today, we are announcing the preview of at-scale, agentless discovery and migration-readiness assessments for SQL Server. You can now use Azure Migrate to create a unified view of your entire datacenter, across Windows Server, Linux, and SQL Server.


Azure Migrate provides a streamlined, comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft and partner tools to meet migration needs, all in one place. With this release, we are taking three tools that help with server, database, and web app assessments and are unifying them into one guided end-to-end flow. The first step in that journey is assessments for Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL Database. Soon, we will also expand to support integrated assessments for Azure App Service.


You can now discover your SQL Server instances and databases running in a VMware environment and analyze their configuration, performance, and application dependencies for migration to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance. Assessments will include Azure SQL readiness, right-sizing, and cost projections. You now have an easy way to discover your entire SQL estate and one unified experience for IaaS and PaaS migration assessments.


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