Partner Center Technical Corner: January 2023 edition


Written by Monilee Keller, Partner Group Program Manager


We are constantly working to improve the partner experience in Partner Center. Along with providing partners with visibility on new capabilities and functionality, we want to help you get the most out of Partner Center. With that in mind, this month, in addition to sharing the updated technical roadmap, we have added a spotlight topic which provides deeper information on improvements we’ve made to the billing experience and the benefits this can bring for your organization. The spotlight will be most relevant to the technical architects at your organization.


Partner Center Technical Roadmap: For a centralized view of what’s coming to Partner Center in the next six weeks, please review the Partner Center Technical Roadmap. For a summary of recent updates launched, see the key updates section below.


Spotlight: New efficient way to download Microsoft Azure usage data

To keep up with the growth in billing payload sizes, we have enabled a new asynchronous API model that enables partners to divide the dataset into smaller files (chunks) and download them in parallel or separately, cutting the download time by ~85%.


The previous API v1 paginated model used bandwidth and CPU time on server and client side, and the network latency caused long download times. The new APIs (v2) have been designed to compress the underlying dataset and help partners identify data changes based on an eTag (or entity tag). The eTag is an identifier that lets the partner compare the manifest file consumed previously against the latest one and assists them in determining whether the content has changed or not.


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