Optimize the cost of .NET and Java application migration to Azure cloud


By Mayunk Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager


In today’s uncertain economic environment, cost is top of mind for every organization. With uncertain global economic conditions, high inflation rates, and challenging job markets, many businesses are tightening their spending. Yet, companies continue to prioritize substantial budget allocations for digital transformation, especially for the agility, performance, and security gained by migrating applications to the cloud. The reason is simple: investments in cloud translate to positive impacts on the business revenue and significant cost savings.


But how do businesses turn this opportunity into reality? In this article, we’ll look at several levers that Azure provides to help organizations maximize the cost benefits of migrating .NET and Java apps to the cloud. One of the things to note about cost optimization is that it’s not only about the price. There are significant financial benefits to be gained when you leverage the right technical resources, have access to best practices from real-world experiences with thousands of customers, and flexibility of the right pricing option for any scenario. These factors may result in a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO).


Let’s look at some of these benefits for Azure App Service customers below:


  • Azure landing zone accelerators
  • Enterprise web app patterns
  • Powerful Azure Migrate automation tooling
  • Offers to offset the initial cost of migration
  • Cost-effective range of pricing plans


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