Optimize ROI by migrating to Azure Database for MySQL

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Written by Kelly OConnor for the Azure Database for MySQL blog


Microsoft commissioned the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to conduct an economic value study to examine the potential cost savings and business benefits that enterprises can achieve from migrating on-premises workloads to Azure Database for MySQL. ESG is an independent strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insights to the global IT community. Aviv Kaufmann, Senior Economic Validation Analyst and author of the report, completed a quantitative economic analysis of Azure Database for MySQL and determined that customers reported savings and benefits in the three categories: 1) elimination of costs, 2) operational savings, and 3) improved business agility.


Note: The primary source for this blog is ESG's report, The Economic Value of Migrating and Modernizing On-premises Instances to Azure (September 2, 2021).


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