Observability from cloud to edge in Azure

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Written by Shiva Sivakumar, Director of Program Management, Azure Observability


This post is co-authored by Rahul Bagaria, Principal Product Manager, Azure Monitor Customer Success


Our customers are transforming their digital environments, whether migrating workloads to Azure, building new cloud-native apps, or unlocking new scenarios at the edge. As they combine these strategies to meet their business needs, they must also maintain their existing environments. It’s critical that customers can monitor the health, performance, and security of their mission-critical systems, and an observability solution is a best practice for streamlined well-governed management.


With Azure Monitor, our approach to observability centers on simplicity. We know from our customers how important it is to have monitoring available out-of-the-box and to easily get started with samples and recommendations including effective alerts, optimal queries, and customizable reports. To ensure that you can monitor your largest production workloads anywhere in a trustworthy manner, we have designed our data platform to handle thousands of terabytes of data per day easily and reliably. We also understand that our customers have their workloads in Azure, their on-premises datacenters, edge, and multi-cloud environments, and thus extend Azure Monitor through Azure Arc so that our customers have the flexibility to run their applications anywhere and monitor or manage them effectively.


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