Now on-demand: A Hosting Provider’s Guide to Successful Cloud Migrations


A pragmatic approach to engaging customers, winning migration opportunities, and maximizing your profits with the Microsoft Cloud


Find Gold in Your Hosting Customers


As a Microsoft Partner providing managed hosted services, you are primed for growth. Your customer base is ready to gain the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud – increased flexibility, cost optimization, security, performance, and scale. And your business is ready to reap the benefits of the cloud including sales and operational efficiency, sustainable resourcing, and new services growth. Now is the time to engage your customers and transform your business from hosted services to the Microsoft Cloud.


Create a Compelling and Differentiated Business Case for Cloud Migrations


In this webinar, experts from Forrester and the CloudLab examine the trends driving cloud migrations, and how you, as a hosted service provider, can migrate and modernize your customers, and with that, create new and profitable managed services. You will learn how to find cloud migration prospects, and build a compelling Microsoft Cloud business case, and solve your customers’ most strategic business imperatives such as security, cost optimization, and business flexibility.


Become Your Customers’ Trusted Microsoft Cloud Migration Partner


Envision a new managed services business with expanded offerings. Attend this webinar to learn how you can get started in your own evolution as a Microsoft Cloud managed service provider and leverage the cloud to transform your business.




  • The modern managed service provider (MSP): What customers want from their MSPs
  • Roadmap to becoming a profitable managed services business: How hosting providers can transform with the Microsoft Cloud
  • How to drive Microsoft Cloud migrations: A proven path to migrate and modernize your customers and your managed services
  • Transforming with Microsoft: Unlocking new opportunities for profitable growth




Bill Martorelli
Bill serves infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals with primary research responsibility for services sourcing and management across applications, infrastructure, and cloud management domains. Bill also advises I&O pros about successful digital transformation, cloud migration strategies, and vendor selection across the spectrum of outsourcing opportunities.


Herb Prooy
The Cloudlab
Herb Prooy is a serial entrepreneur who has nurtured four successful ASP, PaaS, SaaS and Cloud related ventures in the past 20 years. His previous company SaaSplaza was a Microsoft Dynamics managed services business located in Europe, the US and APAC.


Jonathan Stock
Jonathan is senior marketing manager in Microsoft Azure, focused on empowering service providers to create successful service businesses in partnership with Microsoft.


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