New Azure SQL Learning Tools help reduce the global technology skills gap


Microsoft’s learning solutions pave the way toward data-centric jobs of the future

"It’s been forecasted 800 million people need to learn new skills for their jobs by 2030. In this time of change, people are hungry to learn, gain new skills, and grow their economic opportunity.”—Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft


Across Microsoft, we are helping a new generation of technology workers develop the right level of skills. Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of new virtual learning programs. These programs, focused on technical topics, are already helping people enhance their digital expertise and, for some, are providing a foundation for success in a new career path.


Building upon this goal, we're excited to announce the Azure Data team’s latest additions to these educational programs.


Our all-new content will help beginners being introduced to Azure as well as SQL experts learn how to understand the benefits of Azure SQL. Since SQL Server and Azure SQL share the same engine, these new set of tools builds upon familiar content. This means SQL Server professionals can become Azure SQL professionals with just a little bit of help, such as:


Microsoft Learn learning path: This six-course Azure SQL fundamentals learning path provides a built-in lab environment for you to learn at your own pace without a subscription.


YouTube/Channel9 series: We offer more than 60 videos to help beginners learn more about Azure SQL. Viewers can experience on-demand training through Microsoft Developer and Azure SQL playlists on YouTube and Channel9.


GitHub content: Learners and educators can dig into open-source code in a scenario-driven GitHub workshop, where forking and redelivering is encouraged. You can access this content by visiting the SQL Server workshops page and selecting “Workshop: Azure SQL”.


Learn Live in the Azure SQL Bootcamp: In this four-day series of live sessions, Microsoft SQL experts Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward will help you get ramped up and support you as you learn. You can sign up for Azure SQL Bootcamp here to join us.


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