New Azure Space products enable digital resiliency and empower the industry


Written by Jason Zander, EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies


Since the launch of Azure Space two years ago, we’ve announced partnerships, products, and tools that have focused on how we can bring together the power of the cloud with the possibilities of space.


Today, we are introducing the next wave of product advancements for this mission and announcing specific ways in which we are democratizing space and empowering our partners.


1. Announcing the Azure Orbital Cloud Access Preview

  • A brand-new service that brings the power of the Microsoft Cloud to wherever you need it most.

2. Announcing the General Availability of Azure Orbital Ground Station

  • Since the launch of Azure Space in October 2020, we have talked about Azure Orbital Ground Station. Today, alongside our partner network, including KSAT, we are making this service available to all satellite operators, such as Pixxel, Muon Space, and Loft Orbital.

3. Advancing the digital transformation of satellite communication networks

  • The first demonstration of a fully virtualized iDirect modem.
  • Together with SES we are announcing a new joint satellite communications virtualization program.

The collective impact of these announcements points towards two key outcomes. First, we are dedicated to democratizing the possibilities of space by unlocking connectivity and data with the Microsoft Cloud. Second, we can also help support the digital transformation for our customers and partners in the space industry by using the flexible, scalable compute power in Azure.


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