New Azure for Operators solutions and services built for the future of telecommunications

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Written by Jason Zander, EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies


After years of laying the foundation for the rollout of 5G and network cloudification, we are now seeing tremendous possibilities for how consumers and organizations will interact with technology for work, play, and connecting with communities. Around the world and across industries, 5G, augmented and virtual reality, AI, IoT, and edge computing are creating opportunities for rapid digital transformation. This is compelling operators to move away from legacy systems to accelerate network transformation and begin monetizing their investments in 5G and edge technologies.


Imagine the benefits to communities and organizations that have access to improved bandwidth, reliability, and reduced latency, while leveraging the rich capabilities of cloud-to-edge technology without compromise to security, critical services, or key workloads.


With the most complete offerings for the telecommunications industry, Microsoft is the ideal cloud provider to help operators with their digital transformation journey and enable them to deliver these innovative services to their consumer, enterprise, and public sector customers.


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