Modernize with Microsoft Cloud, the most complete developer platform


Written by Ashmi Chokshi, General Manager, Azure Digital and Application Innovation


Developers are essential to the world we live in, and the work you do is critical to the success of organizations in every industry. Microsoft empowers innovators like you on your unique journey. With an end-to-end cloud platform, Microsoft Cloud lets you quickly and easily innovate and create a secure foundation for all your applications.


At Microsoft Ignite, we explore how to increase productivity and flexibility with Azure’s cloud-native solutions and low-code app development enables you to iterate quickly and go to market faster—and how to access the most comprehensive set of tools for development at Microsoft. There’s so much we can learn from each other on this journey, let’s dive into the key topics, announcements, and trends you’ll leave with after Microsoft Ignite.


Accelerate innovation with the most complete cloud developer platform

The Microsoft Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables developers to build incredible solutions. At the core of the Microsoft Cloud is Azure, the underlying infrastructure that enables you to build anything you can imagine. Using Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Service, Ernst and Young Global Limited (EY) has built more agile practices and shifted into a rolling product-delivery approach of software and services. They have been able to develop and deploy solutions faster and with more confidence across a wide range of environments.


We are committed to helping you do more with less. With the Microsoft Cloud toolbox filled with Visual Studio, Azure, GitHub, and Power Platform, you can build reliable, scalable, and high-performance cloud-native applications.


Surging demand for digital solutions and an increasing shortage of technical skills is forcing organizations to adapt their IT development strategies. By empowering everyone to contribute to development processes, IT can multiply technical capacity, accelerate development cost-effectively, and innovate with the business. Adopting the world’s most complete set of integrated low-code development tools means organizations can modernize operations at scale, differentiate services and experiences, and accelerate their journey to the cloud in a secure, governable, and cost-effective way.


During Microsoft Ignite, I’m excited to share some news and updates designed to address these needs and improve the overall developer and maker experience even further with our beloved tools and Microsoft Cloud platform—all designed to help you quickly code and ship from anywhere with confidence.


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