Modernize infrastructure access and implement Zero Trust security using Microsoft Azure AD and Banya


Access to internal applications and servers has been traditionally managed using networking tools like VPNs and Bastion hosts. Today, IT teams are looking to move away from these traditional tools to modern cloud-based zero trust solutions, but are often unsure about where to start or what the migration entails.


In this webinar, Natee Pretikul, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Identity, Tarun Desikan, COO & Co-founder of Banyan Security and Upendra Mardikar, Chief Security Officer at Snap Finance will dive into how you can modernize infrastructure access and implement zero trust security for your organization using Microsoft Azure AD and Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access.


In this session, we will cover:


  • Challenges faced by enterprise IT teams responsible for managing access to hosted corporate applications, infrastructure, and legacy environments
  • The need for modernizing access controls and delivering an easy one-click experience for all users to all types of corporate infrastructure, including legacy web applications, Linux/Windows servers, developer tools, etc.
  • Techniques to automatically discover and incrementally migrate internal resources without disrupting existing workflows
  • Lessons from the real world on operationalizing zero trust security policies across complex, dynamic, hybrid environments.


WHEN: August 25, 2021 from 8:00 - 9:00am PDT
WHERE: Virtual - Teams Live Event
FOR WHOM: Customers, IT Pros
LEVEL: 100/200


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