Migrate and modernize with Azure to power innovation across the entire digital estate


Written by Kathleen Mitford, Corporate Vice President, Azure Marketing


Cloud adoption increased significantly during COVID-19 and continues for many companies. However, an enormous migration and modernization opportunity remains as organizations continue their digital transformation. In fact, 72 percent of organizations reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation accelerated because of COVID-19, according to a survey sponsored by Microsoft in The Economist1. And we don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon.


We are hearing key themes from our customers that reinforce this, including:


  • Cloud has become the catalyst for innovation. Customers are moving beyond operational efficiency to create new products and offerings, leveraging the unique capabilities of cloud to differentiate themselves.
  • Customers are not just looking for technology, they’re looking for a trusted partner. They need an expert to help them navigate these tough issues as they move toward hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments, facing new complexities and opportunities.
  • Security, data privacy, and compliance are top of mind for customers in every industry as cyberattacks continue to rise2.

These areas are opportunities for us to strengthen our partnerships and help our mutual customers realize their greatest potential. This is why we are focusing on three key areas of growth for Azure at Microsoft Inspire:


  • Innovation with new cloud-native experiences.
  • Modernization of app and data estates.
  • Migration and modernization of infrastructure and mission-critical workloads.

This week, we are announcing new Microsoft Azure capabilities to help partners increase return on investments, grow leads, and shorten sales cycles. This includes updates to our Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) and announcing the ISV Success Program.


Read on for more details on our latest developments and each of the opportunity areas to see how we can deliver the greatest value to our customers. Our Azure keynote session is also a great resource to learn more.


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