Microsoft partners with the EDM Council to empower Chief Data Officers to achieve more in the cloud



Microsoft recently announced a strategic collaboration with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council to further support its investment in building end-to-end cloud data management solutions for multi-cloud and hybrid environments.


In May 2020, the EDM Council established the largest open industry workgroup to define a best practice standard to help organizations move their data to the cloud and ensure the appropriate controls are in place to protect their sensitive data. Microsoft was one of the founding members, working alongside over 100 companies and 300 professionals representing leading financial industry firms, major cloud providers, key technology companies, and advisory firms. Together, we developed the Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) Framework to address a holistic set of standard capabilities to help guide organizations to migrate securely to the cloud.


“We’ve seen some of our largest enterprise customers face significant challenges in developing their own framework to effectively move data to the cloud and CDMC addresses this issue holistically,” said Mike Flasko, General Manager, Azure Data Governance Platform at Microsoft. "The dialogue and partnership with the CDMC members has been instrumental in helping us better shape Azure Purview and automating top data management challenges faced by the industry. We look forward to further collaboration with the Council.”


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