Microsoft joins the FinOps Foundation


Written by Michael Flanakin, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Cost Management


In today’s economic times, the criticality of cost efficiency is at an all-time high. Organizations need high-quality guidance backed by products and services that help you achieve and maintain that efficiency. This is a large part of what we do today within the Cost Management team and the larger Commerce organization here at Microsoft. In that vein, we are excited to announce that Microsoft has joined the FinOps Foundation as a premier member and has joined the Governing Board defining the strategy and vision of the organization. Together, we can deliver unparalleled guidance and innovative solutions that empower organizations to increase efficiency and accelerate growth.


"I’m very enthusiastic about our partnership with the FinOps Foundation and our membership as part of the FinOps community. Optimizing cloud workloads is more important than ever for companies of all sizes in all industries. For Microsoft this collaboration with the FinOps Foundation and our industry partners will empower Microsoft Cloud customers and partners to leverage the cost management best practices and industry-standard operating procedures cultivated by the FinOps community." —Vivek Dalvi, Corporate Vice President, Commerce Platform and Experiences

What is the FinOps Foundation?

The FinOps Foundation is a non-profit organization hosted at the Linux Foundation dedicated to advancing people who practice the discipline of cloud financial management via best practices, education, and standards. The FinOps Foundation community is made up of practitioners around the world, including many of our valued Microsoft Cloud customers and partners. The FinOps Foundation hosts working groups and special interest groups covering topics like cost and usage data standardization, containers and Kubernetes, and sustainability based on real-world stories and expertise from the community.


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