Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare expands portfolio with Azure Healthcare APIs


Written by Heather Jordan Cartwright, Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Announcing Azure Healthcare APIs

Today Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is expanding our portfolio of interoperability data services for the health and life sciences industry. In October 2019, Microsoft became the first cloud with a fully managed, first-party service to ingest, persist, and manage structured healthcare data in the native FHIR format with the Azure API for FHIR. Today we’re expanding our health data services to enable the exchange of multiple data types in the FHIR format. For that reason, we’re renaming our services to the Azure Healthcare APIs.


Purpose-built for the unique requirements of Protected Health Information (PHI), the Azure Healthcare APIs enable customers to ingest, manage, and persist data in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Anyone working with health data can leverage the Healthcare APIs to bring disparate sets of PHI together and connect it end-to-end with tools for machine learning, analytics, and AI.


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