Microsoft Azure's defense in depth approach to cloud vulnerabilities


Written by John Walton, VP, Azure Security Engineering


Our digital world is changing, with more persistent, sophisticated, and driven cybercriminals. As risks increase and threats compound, trust is more important than ever. Customers need to be able to trust in the technology platforms they invest in to build and run their organizations. As one of the largest cloud service providers, we build trust by helping our customers be secure from the start and do more with the security of our cloud platforms that’s built in, embedded, and out of the box.


Our security approach focuses on defense in depth, with layers of protection built throughout all phases of design, development, and deployment of our platforms and technologies. We also focus on transparency, making sure customers are aware of how we’re constantly working to learn and improve our offerings to help mitigate the cyberthreats of today and prepare for the cyberthreats of tomorrow.


In this blog, we highlight the extensive security commitments from our past, present, and into the future, as well as where we see opportunities for continued learning and growth. This piece kicks off a 4-part Azure Built-In Security series intended to share lessons we’ve learned from recent cloud vulnerabilities and how we're applying these learnings to ensure our technologies and processes are secure for customers. Transparently sharing our learnings and changes is part of our commitment to building trust with our customers, and we hope it encourages other cloud providers to do the same.


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