Maximize co-sell with the Microsoft commercial marketplace


At Microsoft, we’re huge advocates for adopting a growth mindset. Just like in the classic children’s book The Little Engine That Could, a growth mindset helps us become laser focused on achieving our potential regardless of any challenges or setbacks we may encounter. And a growth mindset is not just valuable for individuals (and trains) alone—it should also apply to your organization.


Given the rapid pace of digital transformation, navigating continuous change can make it hard to stay connected to what matters most for your organization. Especially when it comes to selling, it’s easy to become fixated on isolated wins, like landing a large new account. However, meaningful and sustainable growth at the company level is most likely to occur when everyone unites to pursue opportunities of all sizes that consistently ladder up to big-picture goals, not just short-term achievements.


This is one of the many reasons why we work so hard to provide the right tools and resources for our partners. We’re constantly making refinements because we know that even small changes can better position your organization for sustainable growth—and a growth mindset can be contagious, inspiring other partners across the network.


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