Managing IP with Microsoft Azure and Cliosoft


Written by Rachel Pruitt, Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing, HPC + AI


This blog was co-authored by Fernando Aznar Cornejo, AMD Partner Development Manager; Nathaniel Lum, Senior Applications Engineer, Cliosoft; Amit Varde, Director – Solutions Engineering, Cliosoft.


Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical asset for technology companies, encompassing a company's patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. For technology companies, IP often refers to source code or design, which is the foundation of their products and services. Therefore, protecting IP is crucial to a company's success, and proper management of IP data and processes is equally essential.


As technology companies have grown and become more geographically diverse, managing IP data and processes have become more complex. Companies now need to be able to build geographically diverse teams and design centers, adding new complexity and challenges to IP data and process management. With the advent of cloud computing, companies are leveraging the power of the cloud for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. This move to the cloud has made effective and efficient IP data management a necessity.


Managing revisions of IPs is a fundamental requirement, but IP data governance, traceability, and security are equally important. These requirements have led to the development of IP management platforms, which are designed to meet the unique needs of technology companies. Ultimately, using an IP management system enables companies to collaborate efficiently with accuracy, secure their IP, track the expertise of their employees, and comply with regulatory requirements.


Companies that work on hardware, software, or both must manage IP data and processes holistically on a Unified IP Management Platform. This platform must provide revision and release control for geographically and functionally diverse teams of engineers and managers contributing to the company's intellectual property development process. This is where the power of using HPC platforms on the cloud is most apparent.


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