Manage migration projects at scale with Azure Lighthouse and Azure Migrate


Since its launch in 2019, Azure Lighthouse has become a best practice for cross- and multi-tenant management, allowing for higher automation, scalability, and enhanced governance across resources and tenants. The cross-tenant management experience offers the flexibility of managing multiple customers from within the service provider tenant, having a single pane of glass for enhanced scenarios and services available in the cloud. Azure Lighthouse is integrated with various services such as Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Arc, to name a few. We are happy to announce the Azure Lighthouse integration with Azure Migrate for partners to manage migration projects at scale across multiple tenants.


Partners and customers engage in migration projects in diverse ways. Many use Azure Migrate tooling to discover, assess, and migrate on-premises environment to Azure. Usually, partners who perform migrations must access each customer subscription individually by using the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) subscription model or by creating a guest user on customer tenant . Performing these tasks for multiple customers can be more efficient through the use of Azure Lighthouse, rather than accessing each customer subscription one at a time. Additionally, reducing risk and security exposure is crucial when providing services to customers. By using Azure Lighthouse you can follow the least privilege access model as per the zero-trust security principles. 


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