Leverage SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage to build a unified data lake


Written by Yash Lunagaria, Product Manager


Today, we are announcing that SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) support for Azure Blob Storage is generally available. SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage is a fully managed, highly scalable SFTP service that enables simple, secure, and easy-to-manage file transfers. This empowers you to modernize your data transfer workflows and eliminate data silos.


The addition of SFTP to Azure Blob Storage, our object storage platform, expands on our vision of multi-protocol access and enables you to run your SFTP workloads with minimal management effort and low infrastructure costs. SFTP support, combined with protocol support for NFS 3.0, Blob REST, and Azure Data Lake Storage, helps customers migrate their applications without any changes. Building on top of the Blob Storage foundation also allows SFTP-enabled accounts to inherit the security, durability, scalability, and cost efficiency of Azure Blob Storage.


This new feature is a one-click enablement solution to transfer files to and from object storage using SFTP without having to monitor or maintain the underlying infrastructure. Customers no longer need to spend resources and time to deploy, manage, scale, and maintain virtual machine (VM)–based SFTP servers.


During our public preview, thousands of customers from various industries such as consulting, retail, healthcare, telecom, financial services, and governments have embraced this feature and are eager to deploy their workloads in production. These customers have been using SFTP for a variety of data transfer scenarios such as exchanging data with customers and partners, modernizing legacy data workflows, syncing data across on-premises and cloud, and collecting data from nodes in a network to unlock insights via a unified data lake.


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