Leverage enterprise-scale reference implementations for your cloud adoption


Written by Thomas Maurer, Senior Cloud Advocate, Azure and co-authored by Sarah Lean, Senior Content Engineer, Azure


In the last couple of blog posts, we followed Tailwind Traders1 on their cloud journey and how the IT team is looking to adopt Azure as part of their IT strategy. After researching what they need to do in order to run their workloads within Azure, they started to use the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and Azure landing zones. This blog will discuss the IT team at Tailwind Traders and how they leveraged enterprise-scale reference implementations for the cloud environment they are building.


Enterprise-scale landing zone architecture provides a strategic design path and target technical state for your Azure environment, including enterprise enrollment, identity, network topology, resource organization, governance, operations, business continuity, and disaster recovery (BCDR), as well as deployment options. These landing zones follow design principles across the critical design areas for an organization's Azure environment and aligns with Azure platform roadmaps to ensure that new capabilities can be integrated.


Tailwind Traders takes advantage of prescriptive guidance coupled with best practices for your Azure control plane by using the enterprise-scale architecture.


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