Journey Towards Cloud Architecture

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In this article, Dan Kim and Phil Jirsa (Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Architects) highlight the benefits of a modern event-based cloud architecture while migrating a legacy WebAPI to Azure.


Our Story

Our legacy API (Hackathon registration service)

Figure 1Figure 1


The figure above represents the architecture of our original Hackathon Registration service.

It includes the following components:


  • Registration Form — A website which collects registration info from a new hackathon participant.
  • Registration API — An ASP.NET Core WebAPI providing CRUD over the registration data.
  • Registration DB — An Azure SQL Database to persist registration data.

Over time, additional functionality and business logic have been added to the legacy API. Some examples are:


  • Adding a new user to a mailing list service (Mailchimp).
  • Inviting new guest users to an Azure AD tenant.
  • Adding a new user to a Microsoft Teams team and channels.


And more requirements mean more code!


Our technical debt and existing design patterns were making it challenging to adapt to the new requirements.


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