Join Microsoft Azure at NVIDIA GTC developer conference 2022

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Written by Rachel Pruitt, Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing, HPC+AI


The convergence of HPC+AI has opened new pathways for companies and developers worldwide to develop innovative, transformative applications. While this presents a plethora of new business opportunities in fields like academic research, climate modeling, and energy sustainability, they also push the boundaries of compute, data, and process capabilities of the underlying infrastructure so they can perform the way they were intended.


Microsoft Azure is committed to providing those capabilities through a continual improvement cycle that incorporates the newest and fastest processors into the cloud. This spring, NVIDIA GTC will illustrate that commitment in detail, showcasing NVIDIA’s accelerated computing capabilities powering resources on Azure that highlight our ongoing commitment to HPC+AI computing across the spectrum of edge, on-premises, and the cloud, while extending data security and privacy capabilities to meet customer and business data needs.


Register for NVIDIA GTC, running March 21 through 24, 2022.


Get a chance to win an NVIDIA Jetson Nano

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Supercomputer Performance, Meet Cloud Versatility.

Nidhi Chappell, Head of Product, Azure HPC/AI Microsoft; John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President Program Management, Azure AI- Microsoft,
Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 11:00 AM PDT.


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