IoT simplified: key trends driving value

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Written by Justin Slade, Director of Azure IoT Marketing, for the Intelligent Cloud blog


It’s no secret; organizations are more connected than ever. Across industries and sectors, they need to manage more people, more specializations, and more moving parts. This growing interconnectivity stems from our changing expectations of what savvy and sustainable organizations should look like. The COVID-19 pandemic put new demands on workstreams and raised equity issues and safety precautions to new levels of scrutiny, while sustainability concerns have motivated companies to take a harder line against inefficiencies and waste. Today, conventional approaches to business are no longer adequate solutions.


Connectivity also explains why Internet of Things (IoT) solutions developed by Microsoft partners present more opportunities than ever right now. By amassing information, streamlining processes, and providing data-driven analytical insights, these forward-thinking partners are allowing us to ask more of our infrastructure, and in turn, improve business operations in ways that weren’t possible before.


Below are some informative webinars that highlight how companies are partnering with Microsoft and developing solutions built on Azure IoT to solve some of the day-to-day challenges facing different industries. While there are various reasons for adopting IoT, ranging from quality assurance to sustainability to optimizing energy usage, the results share a common theme: meaningful results for employees, customers, investors, and the planet. Read on to learn more.


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