Introducing Asynchronous APIs for Text Analytics and Text Analytics for Health


Today, we are announcing a preview of new asynchronous (batch) APIs for Text Analytics and Text Analytics for health, which enable developers to apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to even more scenarios so they can identify key phrases, entities and even personally identifiable information (PII).


Asynchronous Analyze API for Text Analytics 


Text Analytics is a generally available Azure Cognitive Service that lets you discover insights in text using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The service helps you identify key phrases and entities (people, place, organizationevent, date among others), recognize text that contains personal information (PII) and analyze sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative). 


To date, customers have been using Text Analytics by making synchronous calls to the service’s REST API, client library SDK, or by using containers to run Text Analytics in their own environment. Today, we are introducing a new preview Analyze operation for users to analyze larger documents asynchronously combining multiple Text Analytics features in one call. This gives customers the flexibility to analyze more information, at once, when their applications don’t need a synchronous response. The new asynchronous Analyze operation for Text Analytics supports individual documents of up to 125k characters, and up to 25 documents in a request. 


The Analyze operation preview supports key phrase extraction, named entity recognition and PII recognition and is available in 5 Azure regions (West US  2, East US2, West Europe, North Europe, and Central US). Support for the rest of the Text Analytics capabilities and additional regions is coming soon. 


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