Intro into security principles in the context of database systems



While many of us are practicing ‘social distancing’, and spend lots of time at home, I am finally finding the time to share some of the topics with the public that I have been working on since I joined Microsoft at the end of 2018.


In the recent years and with increasing frequency, one of the asks in terms of Security to the SQL Engine On-Prem as well as SQL Azure Database has been coming up with solutions to help accomplish “Separation of Duties”. This is a good thing, because it reassures my point of view that Separation of Duties is becoming increasingly important in IT and specifically Cloud-based systems.


On the other hand, we noticed that there is not a broad understanding in the technical community yet as to what Separation of Duties (aka SoD) really means and how it can be accomplished today. It occurs to me that the understanding is often vague and sometimes even contradicting depending on who you ask. It might therefore help to provide some context and guidance on what SoD really is and how it relates to other commonly referenced security principles that have been established over the last decades in IT.


If you are not already an expert in IT security, I hope that you will find this series useful.


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