Increase customer reach with new investments in the marketplace


By Julie Sanford, Vice President, Partner GTM, Programs & Experiences


Microsoft is excited to share our latest strategic investments in the Microsoft commercial marketplace to unlock Azure IP co-sell benefits. Year on year, we have seen a 138% increase in marketplace sales and 214% in Azure IP co-sell revenue made on the marketplace. Today, we are announcing that having a transactable offer published on the commercial marketplace is a new baseline requirement to access co-sell benefits, and we’re partnering across our ecosystem to help organizations transition to the marketplace and access maximum benefits to grow their profitability.


Our customers are increasingly seeking to discover, try, and buy applications online, driving rapid growth in cloud marketplaces with continued expansion ahead. That is why we are positioning the Microsoft commercial marketplace as an essential platform for co-selling with Microsoft sellers and unlocking sales growth by helping customers make the most of their committed cloud investments. As a Microsoft partner, you can seize this enormous market opportunity by selling your co-sell eligible cloud-based apps on the Microsoft commercial marketplace.


Today, we are also announcing new capabilities, Azure IP co-sell benefits, and updates to our criteria for eligible Azure solutions. These changes can help you:


  • Expand into new sales channels and markets by harnessing the power of our global reach: achieve global scale and accelerate your growth by selling on the commercial marketplace — and increase opportunities to sell with Microsoft sellers and other partners.
  • Expedite deals with a simplified sales process: sell your Azure solutions on the commercial marketplace to reach customers directly while saving time, cost, and effort. Microsoft facilitates customer purchases, allowing for streamlined customer setup and management in one location.
  • Unlock sales growth by helping customers maximize their committed cloud investments: by selling in the commercial marketplace and having a co-sell eligible solution, you can reach millions of Microsoft customers who are driven to buy your solution to make the most out of their cloud investments — further fueling sales.


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