Improve availability with zone-redundant storage for Azure Disk Storage


Written by Aung Oo, General Manager, Azure Storage


As organizations continue to accelerate their cloud adoption, the need for reliable infrastructure is critical to ensure business continuity and avoid costly disruptions. Azure Disk Storage provides maximum resiliency for all workloads with an industry-leading zero percent annual failure rate and single-instance service-level agreements (SLA) for all disk types, including a best-in-class single-instance SLA of 99.9 percent availability for Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Premium SSD or Azure Ultra Disk Storage.


Today, we continue our investments to further improve the reliability of our infrastructure with the general availability of zone-redundant storage (ZRS) for Azure Disk Storage. ZRS enables you to increase availability for your critical workloads by providing the industry’s only synchronous replication of block storage across three zones in a region, enabling your disks to tolerate zonal failures which may occur due to natural disasters or hardware issues. ZRS is currently supported for Azure Premium SSDs and Azure Standard SSDs.


We have seen strong interest and great feedback from many enterprise customers from various industries during our preview. These customers are planning to use ZRS for disks to provide higher availability for a wide range of scenarios such as clustering for SAP and SQL Server workloads, container applications, and legacy applications.


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