Icertis boosts performance over 80 percent and lowers costs on Azure SQL

Eric Hudson Senior Product Marketing Manager, CADD & AI

As customers grow their mission critical workloads, scaling up to manage spiky workloads in house can become an expensive proposition. Icertis, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management in the cloud, had one such workload managing over 7.5 million contracts spanning over a trillion dollars. The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is hosted entirely on Azure, providing their customers with new flexibility and scale to suit any size organization. Managing the growing number of customers and the volatility of daily spikes in database workload demand required manual interventions through an in-house solution that soon proved costly to maintain. Icertis needed an automated solution that could instantly scale when they needed it and chose Azure SQL Database serverless, improving their client query response times by over 80 percent while managing costs better.


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