How to re-size Azure virtual networks that are peered—now in preview


Written by Altaf Tambawala, Principal Program Manager, Azure Core


As customers adopt and scale their applications in Azure, they constantly need to grow or resize their networks in the cloud. Virtual networks in Azure have had a long-standing constraint where any address space change is only allowed if the virtual network does not have any peerings. Today, we are announcing that this limitation has been lifted, and customers can freely resize their virtual networks without incurring any downtime. With this feature, existing peerings on the virtual network do not need to be deleted prior to adding or deleting an address prefix on the virtual network.


Details on adding or removing address space on peered virtual networks

You can update (add or remove) address space on a virtual network that is peered with another virtual network in the same region or across regions. Address space update on virtual networks also works if the virtual network has peered with another virtual network across subscriptions. Note: Virtual networks that have peerings across AD-tenants are currently not supported. This feature introduces two new properties on the virtualNetworkPeerings object of the virtual network:


  • remoteVirtualNetworkAddressSpace: Contains the most current address space of the peered virtual network. This address may or may not be the same as the peered address contained in the remoteAddressSpace property.
  • peeringSyncLevel: Indicates if the address contained in the remoteVirtualNetworkAddressSpace property is the same as the address that is actually peered with the virtual network.


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