How to publish a current Azure Marketplace offer into Developer Velocity partner portal

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We have an offer in Azure Marketplace with status Co-sell ready, I am looking for the steps to publish in Azure for Partners - Developer Velocity portal?

I want to list our published Marketplace offer (Developer Velocity 4-week Assessment– Microsoft Azure Marketplace) in the Azure for Partners ( – Developer Velocity portal. I was told by Partner Center Support it is not possible.


“Please be informed that Commercial marketplace offers can be published in Microsoft App source for business solutions and Azure Marketplace for IT Soultions and Azure portal, however there is no option to publish the offer n the Developer Velocity Partner portal: Azure for Partners ( and it is by design.


I do know my question does not relate to Partner Center and Azure Marketplace, however I do not understand why it cannot be done… since “Hitachi Solution” is published in that portal with an offer similar to ours. (See below)


Hitachi Solution - Azure for Partners (

Hitachi Solution - Developer Velocity 4-Week Assessment – Microsoft Azure Marketplace


I could be misunderstanding something, but what I am looking for is what do I need to do to publish our offer (Developer Velocity 4-week Assessment– Microsoft Azure Marketplace) in that portal Azure for Partners ( I know there is no option or button to click in Azure Marketplace for that – but where in the Developer Velocity portal?


Can anybody help me? Thank you.

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