How developers can benefit from the new 5G paradigm


Written by Nick McQuire, Director, Growth Innocation Strategy


5G is not an upgrade, it’s a new paradigm

Fueled by the rapid expansion of the cloud, 5G is much more than a network upgrade—it will help create a new application paradigm and pave the way for the emergence of a new breed of network-intelligent applications that enable developers to solve problems previously out of reach. These modern connected apps will use software-defined 5G technology to communicate and interact with the network, leveraging APIs to deliver a high-performance, optimized user experience.


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For developers, 5G will unlock use cases across many sectors of industry and society. It will enable massive machine-type communications (MMTC) for billions of devices in complex pipeline monitoring scenarios. It will help solve for mission-critical use cases requiring ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) such as smart cities, where AR and VR-enabled video devices help people improve safety and security. And it will leverage enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) to allow thousands of sports fans in a packed stadium to enjoy the on-field action live on their devices, all at the same time.


Imagine the kind of applications you could create if you turned the network from a bottleneck into an asset. If you could manage and control networking functions through software instead of hardware and leverage the cloud everywhere. If you could deploy an enterprise solution globally with the ability to solve problems locally. To manage company assets that react in near real time to conditions as different as a coal mine in Indonesia and a busy highway in the Netherlands.


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