Gain Deeper Insights with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform


Written by Vicki Beizer, Product Marketing Manager Intern


Data is foundational to any digital transformation strategy, yet many organizations struggle to understand what data they have, how to extract insights from it, and how to govern it—according to a 2022 Evanta survey1, over half of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) struggle with siloed operating models when it comes to data sharing and democratization. According to Harvard Business Review2, organizations that have embraced their data as a strategic asset have been better positioned to drive strategic differentiation and grow their revenue, but the fragmentation that exists today between databases, analytics, and governance is a common barrier to success.


The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, empowers organizations to invest more time creating value rather than integrating and managing their data estate. It integrates best-in-class solutions across Microsoft’s technology stack—breaking down data siloes and enabling organizations to extract real-time insights with the data governance needed to run the business safely.


Shifting from a legacy on-premises data warehouse to Azure Synapse, supported by Datometry, has allowed us to virtualize the vast majority of our code without needing to repoint it. We have gained speed, performance, and agility while reducing costs and taken a big step forward in modernizing our enterprise data storage and management.”—Charlotte Lock, Director of Data, Digital & Loyalty at Co-op.

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