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Data breaches are serious across all businesses, but proper security measures—from implementing zero-trust and multi-factor authorization to updating and patching systems on a regular basis—can limit or even prevent many attacks. Technology professionals need to ensure their knowledge stays up to date so they can understand how to keep data and valuable system assets protected. During Security Cloud Week for Partners, we want to help partners achieve Microsoft certifications related to Azure and Microsoft 365 security technologies and discover how Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity solutions handle online threats. This event is a good place for our partners’ tech professionals to start their training journey in security and learn hands-on technical skills of all levels that can prepare them for certification.


While gaining certifications is an indication of your expertise in a subject, we also want it to show you’re ready for practical problem solving. The SC-900 training, for example, begins with concepts such as why zero-trust should be the foundational idea behind any organization’s security and covers different types of attacks and how they can affect systems. Identity-based attacks and different identity models, multi-factor authentication, and detailed information about network security and security and privacy compliance are among the many topics covered by the training and exam. All this information can be applied to defending any organization against attempts to swipe data or gain control of systems.


Join Security Cloud Week for Partners and make progress toward security certifications with both fundamental and role-based courses. This five-day event lets you build skills through a choice of instructor-led courses, on-demand labs, and Q&A sessions during the hours that best fit into your busy schedule. Each day will offer two live training sessions with start times optimized for your location so you can easily begin preparing for certification.


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