Forging a path from telco to cloud with Microsoft Azure

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Written by Ryan van Wyk, Partner Software Engineering Manager, Azure for Operators


This blog was co-authored by Angel Shimelish, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Azure for Operators.


Across industries, organizations are venturing deeper into their digital transformation journeys every day, and the telco industry is no exception. Angel Shimelish recently sat down with Ryan van Wyk, Microsoft’s Partner Software Engineering Manager, who joined Microsoft as part of our acquisition of AT&T’s carrier-grade Network Cloud platform technology. Ryan is helping to lead the transition of mobile networks to an open, disaggregated, and software-based model, leveraging Azure for operators as the platform of choice. Angel and Ryan covered a range of topics about his personal journey from AT&T to Microsoft, his focus on innovation, and how he sees the future of cloud transformation technology impacting the telco industry.


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